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Are you FCM FIT?

Many people are scared to understand what fitness is. Maybe they see fitness as lifting weights in the gym, trying the latest fad diet or even feel that they are too old or don’t have the time to commit.. but does it take to be fit?
I believe fitness is a collective of 5 different components in life that if working correctly and in harmony can come together to become Total Fitness.
These are:

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Physical Fitness

Mental Wellbeing

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Good Health


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Positive Mindset

These 5 pillars of Total Fitness is what I base my life on. This is what we call FCMFIT. Join us on our journey and we will guide you on yours to help you become the best version of you . Be apart of our community. Be FCMFIT

Stream 30min workouts designed by Flavia to develop different areas of your fitness including core, stability, balance and strength. These workouts are colour coded depending on ability and easy to follow using minimal equipment. Also you can learn to Dance and get fit in Flavia’s LIVE weekly DanceHiiT classes. You will also be able to stream DanceHiiT workouts, demo’s and technique

Get up to date nutritional advice from Flavia and a host of delicious recipes by Jimi aka #MISTRYEATS that are updated regularly

Regular blogs and articles to offer advice and awareness of various lifestyle topics.  There will also be a dedicated section for our four legged friends!

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FCMFIT Personal Training is a bespoke interactive online personal training service where I will assess and design specific programs for you to follow depending on your needs and goals. I will work with you and set SMART goals that you can achieve through my systematic approach to integrated training. You will have support from me throughout our journey together and have access to special exercise tutorials by me through my FCMFIT APP. I will also support you in your nutritional goals and combined with my fitness programs inspire you to become the person you want to be


FCMFIT was founded in 2019 by professional dancer, Personal trainer and TV personality Flavia Cacace-Mistry and her husband Actor and chef Jimi Mistry. After years of working successfully in the entertainment industry in their respected careers both Flavia and Jimi wanted to embark on new life challenges and decided to go back to school to study as Flavia explains, “ Having been a dancer for 25 years, I decided it was time for change. I needed a new challenge both mentally and physically, I needed to start looking after my aching muscles and joints and to recharge my mental and emotional wellbeing after years of hard work and success in my industry. It was time to focus on me.” Jimi had a similar experience, saying “I had been an actor for over 20 years travelled the world and experienced pretty much everything an actor could, from Hollywood to soap and everything in-between, the highs and the lows, I certainly lived a life and have been round the block a few times” he quips. “But I knew I needed a change, I might have been successful but I needed a new challenge” With their determination and new directions both Flavia and Jimi decided to explore their new passions further.

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Welcome to DanceHiiT!

DanceHiiT the workout! where you can learn to dance and get fit at the same time. Designed by professional dancer, Strictly champion and Personal trainer Flavia Cacace-Mistry, DanceHiiT is a fun dance-based aerobic workout where through the course of the series Flavia will take you through 8 different dance styles cleverly combining each routine with moves that will challenge your balance, core and agilty. You can also join Flavia for a weekly live class that she will conduct from her home studio as well as providing monthly new streamable workouts, demos and technique classes. Each routine will only contain 4 moves so is easy to follow and learn. You will also receive a download of each dance track so you can take your workout on the move. Join the DanceHiiT community and dance your way to fitness!

Dance styles include:

Cha Cha



Join Flavia as she takes through a series of workouts that you can do in your own home. Each workout is colour coded so is accessible to everyone at any fitness level. There will be workouts to challenge your core, balance, agility and strength with easy to follow videos by Flavia herself.

“I wanted to create a series of workouts that were accessible to everyone. I know that some people may not be confident enough to go to a gym or maybe feel intimidated or self-conscious about fitness in general. This is why I wanted to make these workouts easy to follow and that can be done at home with minimal equipment. I believe in building a strong foundation first so a lot of these workouts will be simple but effective.” 

Flavia will be designing and adding new workouts regularly covering all aspects of fitness for all levels. Find out how you can become FCMFIT by subscribing here


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What is healthy Eating?

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Healthy eating involves eating food that promotes the optimal health of all body systems and prevents the development of disease.

What is Nutrition?

Nutrition involves the delivery of essential materials required to promote optimal health and growth to cells and organisms.