Are you FCMFIT?

“Many people are scared to understand what fitness is. Maybe they see fitness as lifting weights in the gym, trying the latest fad diet or even feel that they are too old or don’t have the time to commit. But what does it take to be fit?”

We believe fitness is a collective of 5 different components in life that if working correctly and in harmony can come together to become Total Fitness. 

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Physical Fitness

Mental Wellbeing

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Good Health


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Positive Mindset

These 5 pillars of Total Fitness is what we base our life on. This is what we call FCMFIT. Join us on our journey and we will guide you on yours to help you become the best version of you. Be apart of our community. Be FCMFIT.

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“Join me as I take you through Phases 1,2 and 3 of my systematic FCMFIT program. Working your body from the inside out, stabilising the joints and teaching you correct techniques so you can progress safely and effectively and take your fitness to new levels.
You will also have access to my DanceHiiT intervals where you will learn the Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, Jive and many more styles of dance whilst continuing to work on your Core, Balance and Agility. There will also be an FCMFIT Facebook members group where members can interact with us and we will be conducting regular live classes, demo’s and Q&A’s through our LIVE PORTAL” 

“Get up to date nutritional advice from us and a host of delicious recipes added regularly. There will also be video tutorials and cooking demonstrations by Jimi aka #MISTRYEATS





“Check out our regular FCMFIT podcast covering our weekly topics, fitness, nutrition, life, tips for our four legged friends and exclusive guest interviews. 
Also check out our YouTube channel FCMTV covering Fitness, nutrition, Mistryeats and our Life with Pablo & Zak. There will also be a FCMFIT members blog with lots of motivational advice to keep you focused and connected with the FCMFIT community

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FCMFIT Personal Training is a bespoke interactive online personal training service where I will assess and design specific programs for you to follow depending on your needs and goals. I will work with you and set SMART goals that you can achieve through my systematic approach to integrated training. You will have support from me throughout our journey together and have access to special exercise tutorials by me through my FCMFIT APP. I will also support you in your nutritional goals and combined with my fitness programs inspire you to become the person you want to be.