6 Ways to Help Yourself at This time

πŸ‘‰1. Stay connected
Remember that you are not alone. In this day and age we are more connected than ever so use it to stay in touch with loved ones or for those in need. Being a part of a collective will always make a crisis easier to deal with than on your own.
πŸ‘‰2. Exercise
Here at FCMFIT we pride ourselves in providing home exercise solutions that will deliver the highest quality LIVE HD Classes and streamable workouts. It is important to exercise not only to improve your physical health but also for your mental health. With long periods stuck at home with services like ours there is no excuse for lethargy. Be motivated and you can be better than ever.
πŸ‘‰3. Eat Well
Nutrition is so important. In order to have a healthy immune system it’s imperative to eat well and feed the body with the right vitamins and minerals. Eat less processed food and use this time to polish up on your cooking skills and cook with fresh fruit and vegetables. It will help you and fight off disease.
πŸ‘‰4. Meditate
Meditation is about tuning and improving your attention, awareness, and energy through repetitive practice. The desired outcome of meditation is often characterised as mindfulness: an ability to be present and engaged in the moment. Meditation is a powerful weapon in fighting Anxiety and stress: Mental benefits range from increased focus and clarity to reduced feelings of stress and anxiety. But it doesn’t end there, it even gives physical improvements, such as lower blood pressure and boosted immunity.
πŸ‘‰5. Learn Something New
Have you ever wanted to learn a new language, wanted to do some creative writing, or even attempt that masterpiece? Now is your chance to take on that amazing project you always wanted to tackle! Not only do you have the time, but it will keep your mind off of anything worrisome while simultaneously keeping you productive. Wherever your learning level is at, there’s always more to be done and now you finally have the time!
πŸ‘‰6. Perspective
At a time of crisis it is very easy to get lost in our own problems and situations. When things are bad they can feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and that things couldn’t get any worse. Like all events like this one thing that we can be sure of is that IT WILL PASS. Life is full of crises, its not what they are its how we deal with them. Another thing to remember is that no matter who you are, there will always be someone else out there who is worse off than you, so let’s keep perspective, try and remain positive and Life WILL prevail.
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