Who’s Got Bingowings?

Who’s got Bingo wings !!! 

I was recently asked for advice on how to target bingo wings and as I was about to hit reply I thought there will most likely be other people out there with the same concerns. I know from my own experience that the triceps are a difficult muscle to target. and see results with. 

They are found at the posterior (back) of the upper arm made of 3 different heads, hence the ‘Tri’.

Triceps help with extension (straightening) of the elbow and shoulder extension (moving your arm towards your backside) 

As we get older our metabolism tends to slow down making it easier to pile on extra weight where we don’t want it, as we know for women especially it tends to be thighs, tummy and backs of arm. Having a good diet and the correct percentage of body fat will help reduce their appearance. However women of all sizes, age and fitness levels can develop bingo wings. 

Luckily nowadays women are much more aware of the overall benefits of weight training and toning exercises and less afraid of the myth of looking ‘bulky’, so I’m going to give you 2 exercises to try using my slow 4-2-1 tempo from my FCMFIT phased workouts which I believe will maximise your results and make the difference you’ve been looking for as more demand is placed on stabilising the muscles, helping you successfully target your bingo wings. 

Try Narrow grip push up -Slow Tempo. 

Get into plank position, bracing the core and buttocks and placing  hands closer together and directly below chest. Start off with knees on floor and develop to full push up position as strength improves. Maintaining a nice straight table top back from head, shoulders to hips. Lower body to floor by flexing at the elbows over 4 slow counts. Once down hold that position for 2 counts and then push up through elbows without locking them for 1 count ready to lower back down and repeat. 

Try 12 reps, 3 set,  90 sec rest between sets. A good tip is the last 3 reps you do should feel challenging but never compromise your technique. 

Try Triceps dips

Use the floor or a very secure chair or bench place hands on it  shoulder distance apart, fingers pointing forwards and arms straight but no locked, keeping the core braced and chest lifted. 

Feet out in front of you and slight bend at knees. 

Slowly lower by flexing the elbows over 4 counts keeping elbows close to body and once at lowest point hold for 2 counts ready to straighten arms and push up again over 1 count, ready to repeat. 

Try 12 reps, 3 set,  90 sec rest between sets. Remember last 3 should feel challenging but don’t forget your technique. 

Swap between these 2 exercises every other day making sure you leave a day in between for the muscle to recover. 

Bye bye bingo wings!! 

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