The Importance of Hydration

Hi guys I thought I’d write a little bit about the importance of hydration

I’ll be honest with you I was never big on staying hydrated throughout the day.  This wasn’t because I chose not to drink water but because I didn’t realise the importance of it.  I use to think that water tasted…well, tasted of nothing.  I know that sounds a bit stupid but drinking to me was something I “enjoyed” rather than did as a necessity for our bodies to function.  

I mean I had a friend who actually said that he “didn’t like” water.  So what did he drink if he was thirsty in the day? 
“Fizzy drinks”. 
Now I wasn’t that bad, I would have the odd glass but not to have any at all is something else and let’s not get onto the effects that carbonated drinks can have on you especially the full fat variety.

However over the last year or so I have been made aware (Thanks to Flavia) the importance of hydration and how much water we should drink throughout the day.  With this I have made a concerted effort to increase my water intake overall as well as reduce my consumption of carbonated drinks and alcohol.  

I have to say that with my new regime of health, fitness and nutrition I have seen improvements in many areas.  See below some of the benefits of a well hydrated diet.

  • Hydration Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue
  • Flushes out Toxins in the Body
  • Healthy Skin
  • Aides Weight Loss
  • Help you be in a more Positive Mood
  • Insure Muscles and joints work better
  • Promotes Cardiovascular Health
  • It Regulates Body Temperature

According to the Eatwell Guide we need to consume 6-8 glasses of water a day

If you exercise regularly (which I hope you do) you will need to drink more than the above amounts as you will need to replace the fluids lost during exercise.  Many people often use the excuse that they “forget” to drink water but try and always make the effort to have a bottle on you.  Nowadays there are flasks which are available which have markers for times of the day to remind you to keep drinking as well, I started using a fitness app that sent me reminders so there’s NO EXCUSES!.

Reasons why you should drink water first thing in the morning.

Why should you drink water in the morning?
Well as soon as you wake up, your body craves it. Many people confuse this craving for a need for coffee. In fact, people wake up slightly dehydrated.
Drinking two glasses of room temperature water will assist your body in rehydrating, allowing for good digestion and the jump start your body needs.
In fact, by drinking water first thing in the morning, you may be able to stave off that late morning snack.

The hunger and sugar/salt cravings people get late in the morning are often just the result of chronic dehydration. With a well-hydrated body, you have the fuel needed to metabolise food and break it down much more efficiently. Your cells, like you, also become more productive when they’re fluid filled. Proper hydration can also provide you with an energy boost similar to the one you get by drinking a cup of coffee. During dehydration, biochemical reactions occurring within your body when breaking down fat and carbohydrates become much slower. When dehydrated, you’re simply not getting the energy you need as quickly anymore.

The message is;

Drink your water.  Its good for you!

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