Secrets to a Happy Life?

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If anyone truly knew the answer to this I think they would have bottled it and be selling it by the bucketload.

Let’s face it we all want to live a happy life, I mean what’s the point of living if not?  People chase happiness, whether it be with money, luxury items, a new car, big house, having lots of friends, food, drinking or holidays.  Yes, we all love things that make us Happy but what about what is going on inside of you?

Happiness has to start from within.  The age old saying of Money can’t buy you happiness isn’t necessarily true because it can but for how long?

I believe they are certain things that we can do from day to day that can improve your state of wellbeing and therefore bring happiness in some degree.  Try some of these out;

They certainly work for me

We all have ways of making ourselves feel better.  We should probably spend more time doing these than not. If we spend less time generating negative energy but spend more time thinking of how we can help ourselves and others, our state of mind will be in a better position to cope with everyday life.

Its impossible to stick to a 10 step plan like the one above but we can strive to believe in our own 10 step plan whatever it may be.  If we look after ourselves then we can be in a position to be cope with life in a more positive way.  The classic saying of “the glass is half full” really is very pertinent. 

Life can be seen in many ways but to me that glass is half full MOST of the time!  Well thats how I try and see it anyway, there will always be times when it isn’t but then THAT”S LIFE!  All we can do is give it our best shot and strive to find that Happy Place.

Here at FCMFIT we are building a community of people that can help each other be BETTER!

Flavia xx

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