Music is Good for your Health


Listening to music can do wonders


5 ways in which music can improve your health
1. Music Can Reduce Stress
We all like to chill out whilst listening to music. Music can have an impact on the human stress response, particularly the autonomic nervous system. People have been known to recover from stress quicker with the help of music.
2. Music can help with depression.
Music can directly effect your hormones. Certain types of music can cause the realise of happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. People with depressive tendencies can help themselves by listening to their favourite tunes throughout their day.
3. Music can improve your workouts
Not only does music help release endorphins which help with feelings of euphoria and quell anxiety it cam also help regulate workout patterns especially in running and lifting weights.

🎷 4. Music can help you sleep.
Listening to music can cut down the amount of time needed to fall asleep. It also reduces the number of times you might wake up during the night. This improves overall sleep quality, which is always a positive thing.
5. Music Improves Cognitive Abilities
It has been said music that is played while you are primarily focused on some other activity, can dramatically improve performance on cognitive tasks. Playing more upbeat music leads to improvements in processing speed while both upbeat and downbeat music leads to improving memory.


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