Making That Change


I thought I’d write to you to give you a little insight into what many of us deal with when trying to make that leap of faith when going through change.  Firstly what do I mean by “Change”?

There are certain types of changes though that I place slightly higher up the list.  I call these “meaningful” changes.  These tend to be changes that you can make that will have a greater impact on your life and how you lead it.  These also tend to be the more challenging changes one can make but often the most rewarding.


Even though we recognise that change can bring these great rewards we often find ourself crippled with fear of actually DOING IT!

There’s the fear of going for it – of making a change. Fear of failure, fear of looking like a fool. Fear of the unknown, and of leaving behind a life you’ve invested so much in. Then there’s also the fear of not making the move. The fear of looking back on your life with regret.  It’s important to remember that everyone who has done anything unique and wonderful was probably terrified much of the time, and very likely still is.

You are not ALONE.


Throughout my dance career I was in constant fear, fear of failure, fear of not giving 100%, fear of not being good enough anymore.  When I look back it was a double-edged sword, this feeling was uncomfortable for me but was also the thing that drove me on time and time again to be the best I could be.


What I was very good at doing was harnessing “the fear” and using it to my advantage.  This “fear” is what I use to drive me on in whatever I do.  Many people ask me how do I manage to dedicate so much time into my career, whether it be Dance or Fitness?.  Where do I get the energy from to keep striving and try new things in life?.  Well the secret is REGENERATING any negative energy whether it be fear or anxiety and turning it into POSITIVE energy and throwing it back out into the world.


One of the reasons myself and Jimi have founded FCMFIT was that we could help others who want to make that change that will not only be a positive step but also IMPROVE their life.  This can be done easily through FITNESSNUTRITION and LIFESTYLE.  By making small changes huge differences can be made for leading a healthier, happier life. One thing to remember is that it is important to make lifestyle changes that last.  Consistency is the key!

Flavia xx

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